Top 10 3DS games of 2012

Top 10 3DS games of 2012 This is My Video game rewards to the top 10 3DS games released for 2012, you all might not agree with my choice but I feel like these games have met or even pass our exception of the game. It was not easy picking

Paper Mario Sticker Star Features

This New Paper Mario Sticker Star Game is one that I want to get my hands on. This game uses the 3d and 2d of the 3ds really well and should be a great fun in ether 2d or 3d fun. this game even adds to the way you play

Wreck-It Ralph now a Movie

Wreck-It Ralph is a Classic game that is being remade into a movie, and even into a new game for the 3ds, ds, and wii. Wreck-It Ralph is based on a old slider arcade game about Ralph Who is Force out of his home and in his game his goal

Pokedex 3D Pro App

Pokedex 3D Pro App give you the strategy at your finger tips. This cool little app for the 3ds will allow you to gather data on the new Pokemon 3D Pro, where you can find all 649 Pokemon data are at your finger to help you figure out there strengths

Transformers Prime The Game

Transformers Prime The Game out for Wii U Transformers Prime The Game game will be coming out for all Nintendo consoles like the ds, 3ds, wii, and finally the wii u. this game is a action game based off the animated television show Transformers Prime  and if your a Transformers fan

Project X Zone (3DS)

Project X Zone is the game that for the first time has CapCom, Bandai Namco Game, and Sega all working together to make a strategy RPG Game! There is going be Charters like Megaman x, Zero, Danta from DMC, Jin from Tekken, Ryu from Street fighter, Pai Chan, and many

black ops 2 full 1080p on wii u

Black Ops 2 will be available on Wii U at 1080p That’s right! Black ops 2 on Wii U for 1080p the Wii u is not able to run all blacks ops 2 with out looking any less better then on the ps3 or 360, and you be able to

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 out in stores now Today is the release date of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 for anyone that wanted to get it, you can get it for 34.99 in stores. They even have strategy guides for anyone who want tips and tricks to play pokemon

Art Academy lessons for everyone!

Art Academy Lessons for Everyone Teaches you all the basics in drawing. As you can guess by the name Art Academy lessons for everyone is a game for anyone that wants to draw, it takes you from basic to advance level of teaching with over 30 lessons all at the tip

New Super Mario Bros. U co-op

The New Super Mario Bros. U C0-op  can is can be played with crossover controllers. One of the best thing I would have to say is that with New Super Mario Bros. U you get to play 5 players 1 on Wii u controller and 4 on the Wii controllers,