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 Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag treasure Chests can be located in the different sections of the game.

 Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Treasure Chests

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag treasure Chests are available  in about all locale in the Caribbean, including uncharted beaches and sandbars.  The reward is from 200 to 300 R and some treasures have ammunition. As you play through the game and see our full game walkthrough for AC4 Black Flag Treasure Chests you will be able to find all the different ones.  There are many treasure chests that you will be collecting and refer to our complete AC4 Black Flag Treasure Chests.

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Cape Bonavista

You will need to have free roam for Sequence 03.

1. The first treasure chest is located on the north side of the map and right next to another treasure. Where this one is located in a secret caver behind the waterfall. You may encounter a Jaguar so have your weapons ready in case you might need it.

2. The second one is hidden behind a waterfall  which is beneath the east viewpoint.

Salt Key Bank

You will need sequence 03; first visited during memory 03, prizes and plunder

3. The Treasure chest is in the northeast of the map, located in the cave accessed via the beach.


You will need sequence 03, first visited directly after this Tyro Captain

4. The treasure chest appears close to the church with some type of puzzle as you will find in a cave beneath. There are two entrances but the easiest route is west of the church.

Andreas Island

You will need sequence 03

The treasure map is found on mariguana island lead to the position, the buried cache contains the design plan for elite harpoon upgrade 3,oooR.

Abaco Island

The Treasure map is found neary andreas island, the chest yield 4,000R

Great Inagua

The treasure chest, on the southeast of the island, can be difficult to find. Begin where James Kidd introduced Kenway to the Mayan stelae, loo for small slope to the east then slide down to secluded area.

Mariguana Island


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