Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Review will provide you with the information of how the Assassins performed in this new voyage.

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After the American adventure Assassin’s Creed III , there was doubt about the location of the next installment, as every year. However, this time Ubisoft surprised everyone saying they would not move in time, but fall back to the times of the grandfather of Connor , the pirate Edward Kenway . Therefore, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag would deepen in naval missions we had seen in that game. A step back, lack of ideas? There were few who dropped those charges but, after the arrival of the game, we can confirm that this journey through the Caribbean Sea has proved a success. 

History in the Assassin Family

This is a fact: the hero of the previous game did not quite jell with the public. Connor had all the ingredients for molar (was Indian, had a dramatic past and was destined for something big), but lacked a certain spark, a touch canallesco in which he excelled Ezio . So thank the new protagonist. Edward Kenway is more ambiguous and, although it has clear motivations, they are far from noble. In that sense his “moral journey” as is involved with the Templars and the murderers is more interesting. This is, in large part, by the side that accompany it, as James Kidd (good example of how a bad voice actor chosen can ruin a good surprise), Calico Jack and, above all, Blackbeard , the great discovery of this edition.

The aspirations of these characters to create a pirate republic in Nassau are a mainstay very interesting story, but it is diluted among the other plots that intertwine. Of course, while the armies down are those of the Spanish Crown and the English, count the influence of Those Who Came Before is still there as well as some background about the family that Edward is leaving to cater for their aspirations pirate. 

assassins creed 4 review

But in the end, what matters is the game itself, right? Assassin’s Creed IV presents a certain fragmentation in its mechanics. On the one hand, we walk missions, in which we have to do the same: synch with watchtowers , collect items, spy on our goals from the rooftops … There is little new in this field and, in fact, comes to be something heavy, lots of collectibles like Animus fragments , buy local so unnecessarily high prices search many Mayan stones without further justification that a future special dress or a discount on certain purchases. It seems to be looking lengthen lengthen the game, without really thinking about the fun of the player.

The fighting system has been exactly as in the previous game, except that the tomahawk and the bow have replaced a blowgun that allows us drowsy enemies or make them aggressive. The enemy, meanwhile, are “waiting their turn” to attack, which does not just look very convincing. The types of enemies are the usual suspects (the rough, agile …), but as is tremendously easy to get smoke bombs , as you see yourself surrounded can pull over and kill all in a flash.

But successes have also been introduced as the challenges of Abstergo , a sort of achievement system. When we fulfill various tasks entrusted to us, we received awards as new items for the multiplayer or campaign tricks (modifying the time, playing with greater difficulty, etc). However, we usually try a whole side quest or test each collection a few times, but ended decantándonos to advance the story.

The game also returns, but now is not so heavy. Nothing to place baits or traps, just search wish animals (alligators, panthers, rabbits …) and shoot them or stab them from above. With them we can build new costumes or improvements to Edward: increased ammo capacity, more resistance.

Other duties include collecting messages in a bottle (all interrelated) or treasure maps that give us clues about where to find light lots of money or improvements to the boat.

Before proceeding, Chechu promise you a pin for you to tell me where I got the headline above. And now, on to the highlight of Assassin’s Creed IV : the naval battles . Certainly, they have managed to multiply the fun offered these challenges in Assassin’s Creed III, thanks to a greater variety in the attacks, in the range of customizing our boat Jackdaw or hazards that may be encountered. Reload our guns is a work much faster than before, we have special attacks such as mortars and, in general, every battle takes place in a very fluid. They have achieved a good balance between affordable control an intense feeling of danger.

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There are also drawbacks: the attack system forces us to move much the camera to launch depending on which projectile (which can make more than once collide when facing forward) and change of speed in the boat can be something strange therefore to be plain sailing the camera zooms abruptly. But really, are minor inconveniences and, together, the naval battles are a blast: fight a super chip in a storm while our crew shouts how it goes is really intense.

When we’re not shooting guns, we are dedicated to tour the Caribbean Sea to discover its secrets. We have a telescope that can be used at any time to survey the islands or “scan” nearby vessels: cargo reveals what has, what level of attack is … In addition, it is now possible to release the rudder at any time (except during storms and battles) to throw the sea or move across the deck, no load times. There are lots of islands, large and small, waiting to be explored.

Some, like Kingston or Havana , are based on real locations we visit and plot reasons, but there are many other places you lose to search smugglers caves, treasure chests or even sunken ships and keeping away from sharks.

Speaking of sharks, other evidence (mapping key areas) where we harpooning several types of these, as well as whales. The mechanics are simple (it should be noted the bug in motion before he escapes or ram into us), but the feeling of tension is very successful. If we put all these tasks in the salty sea with which we carry out on land, we have no more to give in to the wide variety of challenges that lie ahead. If we go for the essentials, will take about 20 hours to beat the game, but that number can easily double if we unlock everything. And that, not counting our little skirmishes by this.

As with all deliveries, there are also small changes pace (four specifically) in which we play in the present . As you know, this time not control Desmond , but to an anonymous who gets a job in Abstergo Entertainment . If probásteis the previous game’s multiplayer, you know that this company is a division of Abstergo almighty that is dedicated to creating entertainment with the adventures of the Templars and the murderers. In a way, you want to play with the idea that it is the very Ubisoft, but within the fiction of the game. In fact, also based in Canada and is supposed to be the creator of the merchandising of Assassin’s Creed .

The point is that we play perspective subjective and we tour the different plants of the company to hack some computers (there are quite simple minigames based on multiplication and mazes) or find post-its left by a mysterious figure. In general, a change of scenery is fun and original, which includes references to the series.


The multiplayer could not miss the appointment. Basically, retrieves all we saw in the previous game (they are all modes and cooperative versus the Wolf Pack ) and adds lots of customization options, grouped in the way Game Lab . From it, we can customize practically any parameter that comes to mind: the ability to shoot, distance you start noticing the persecutors, what powers or Perks can be used, how long each session, if permitted land auction … In short, we can design an experience to our liking and even export it to other users to try.

Surely, most users will shoot the modes that are included by default, but this increased flexibility is appreciated. It has also come to the characters themselves, we can customize with clothes and skills we want. Of course, first you have to accumulate money overcome based rounds. In short, the experience multiplayer is not revolutionary (the developers have recognized that would have included naval battles in it, but it was too complex), but it is a very solid alternative for up to 8 players.

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The latest comes to compatibility with the companion app , an app for tablets (iOS and Android) that allows us to see the treasure maps on your screen, move through menus or participate in the minigame Kenway fleet . In it, we have to send our ships to conquer certain territories and get money and resources, similar to what we did in The Brotherhood . The game is pretty simple-minded, but it serves to unlock an exclusive suit … And since it’s free, best within Aque missing, right? On the other hand, both the PS3 as PS4 have an hour of exclusive content starring Aveline , the heroine of AC III Liberation. Is appreciated!

We can not overlook the technical section. The truth is that the graphics engine is almost traced to what we saw in AC III, which was quite nice, but especially noteworthy are the natural landscapes and detailed recreation of the sea, which is possibly the most realistic we have seen to date. See the Jackdaw bobbing as the water changes color with the sun and our crew sing a chantey (there are several to unlock!) is really enjoyable.

In general, the Caribbean and piratical atmosphere we liked (the music is pretty catchy) and we must recognize that Ubi has taken advantage of every nuance of the legends pirates eighteenth century .

There are other things that do not please us both, like the shaded strangest inherited from the previous game (why are grainy shadows?), An popping more than evident and animations that are often connected in an artificial way. We have to say that this time we have not found too many bugs, but experience tells us that are likely to come to light more mistakes as other people test the title. 

In conclusion, Assassin’s Creed IV offers many more positives than negatives and throw some ideas really interesting, but not break the evil that is increasingly charged more to the saga: Too many repetitive quests (the spy or pursuit of objectives and tired one bit). 

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