The Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Assassin Contracts walkthrough will take you through all the 30 different contracts for it.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Assassin Contracts
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Assassin Contracts

The Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Assassin Contracts Walkthrough will guide you through all the different missions in the game and how to complete them all. If you follow our Walkthrough it will be much easier to complete the entire assassins contracts. Items that you may be needing for all these missions are: Supply, additional bones for crafting. The Assassins contracts must be completed in order along with the challenge that you are face with for the location. As you complete the different Assassin Contracts you will be rewarded with 1,000 R for each of them you complete.

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Assassin Contracts Walkthrough

Contract 1 : The Plantation Master
His goal for this contract will be wandering around a plantation. Sneak your way around the small cottage in the west of the plantation and get on your roof.

From here, shoot your target with a Dart Berserk and lower the roof and outside the restricted area before someone watching you. Its aim will die soon, termination of contract.

Contract 2 : The Guard Post
There are some mobile patrols on near his goal this time, but the landscape offers plenty of opportunities to kill without being noticed. Climb on the cliff to the west (directly behind the target) and from there, plan your course of action.

As always, the simplest solution is to kill the enemy with the torch, but you can make a headshot, or even murder if they air right time.

Another option is to incapacitate the other guards nearby and sleep: darts, and then approach the captain without being noticed for a murder hidden blade.

Contract 3 : Slave Traders
Right next to the reference point and the restricted area will be a large house on the east side.

Make your way to the ceiling and then use Eagle Vision to identify your target. Their goal was patrolling the area just below, but the terrace in front of you will have a Gunner standing above him, which can detect you.

Be quick and hit the target with a dart Berserk before you realize Gunner. Now, outside the restricted area by jumping from the roof and back to the road to the east. After a few seconds of combat, the aim will drop dead and the contract will be terminated.

Contract 4 : The Judge
This is a little south of Kingston. It’s a long walk if you have not explored that area, but if you have, just Fast Travel to the viewpoint near the location of their target.

It’s pretty easy to find your target, since he is the man shouting outside a house. Moving in close is a bit of a problem, because the man begins to run at the sight of Edward, prompting a chase.

To make quick work of it, climb to the top of the building to the southeast of your position, and from there, put a bullet in his skull.

Stand on the far side of the roof may still gives a clear shot to shoot to make sure you are at a safe distance. To get rid of the hassle that even just use a dart out Berserk.

Contract 5 : The Weapons Smugglers
South of the restricted area is a building with an elevator in his back. Use the elevator to get to the roof of the building and get the Gunner patrolling it.

Now directly in front of you, your goal is wandering along the street below. The rifle just killed Constable is an option to make quick work of the goal, but will lead to open conflict.

To get a secretive conclusion, the use of the blowgun and the ground a Dart Berserk on your goal to complete the contract.

Contract 6 : The British Captain
This target is surrounded by a group of citizens, and is located in a restricted area in a small clearing, so a hidden blade without compromising performance you are out of the question.

Hitting your target with a Dart Berserk is a convenient way, and the torch can be used without alerting anyone to the roof of the building, north of the Restricted Zone.

There is also an opening for a clear shot into the crowd on the side of the beach, and Berserk Dart landed at your destination can from behind them.

If you’re bored assassinate targets through the blowpipe, there are plenty of nearby drunken pirates that you can afford to attack his target.


Contract 7 : Beach Bonfire
In this contract, target patrols around a small restricted area on the beach. Stand outside the circle and observe his patrol for a while to become familiar with it.

It moves from a hiding to fighting pirates and then back.

West of the restricted area is an area of stalking. Start moving in it, then run to hide in the patrol route your target when near pirates. He finally making its way back to the hideout, and when he does, kill him to complete the contract.

Contract 8 : A shipment of powder
Head south docks of Havana to reach the restricted part of this contract, where your goal. The place is covered with guards, and the restricted area is quite large.

Nothing out of the red to avoid being targeted all the way to the dock at the northeast end of it. Hang on his forehead: most shelf alongside the boat docked.

The browser you are destined to kill has a short patrol route will be right above you.

When you move to the edge of the dock, making a killing ledge and swim outside the restricted area to complete the contract without triggering open conflict.

Contract 9 : The Spanish commander
The captain who has to kill is in a courtyard that is heavily guarded, with gunners on rooftops and the guards at the entrances to it.

The first is to hire a group of dancers nearby to distract the guards at the northeast entrance, and then, get a Dart Berserk on target from a safe distance. In this way, you will not be in the restricted area, and not have to worry about going out.

The other method is to go up to the rooftops, put the Gunners on their way to sleep and then hit the captain with Berserk Dart from above. You can take the same path he took to get back out to avoid detection by other Gunners on nearby roofs.

Contract 10 : Unlicensed Dealer
Your goal is, again inside a courtyard, with the Gunners on the roofs and the guards at all entrances. To the southeast of the restricted area is an opening that could explode.

First, hire some dancers to be on the right at the corner of the bottom right of the red zone. Use them to distract a group of guards near the southern entrance to the courtyard.

Now, right next to a pile of boxes is a small hallway with a low ceiling. Climb it to find a spot from which to identify and kill your target without being detected by the Gunners and Scouts around.

First, activate Eagle Vision to find the golden goal. Then hit it with a Dart Berserk and retrace your steps to leave the area without being seen. Your goal should expire after a few seconds, completing the contract.

Contract 11 : No more taxes
Come the next target of the roofs. Remove the Gunners around you with Sleep Dart and get into a position to identify your target. Turn on Eagle Vision and find the captain.

Once identified, taking out his blowgun and carry it out with Berserk Dart will send quickly without being detected. Make your way out of the area to complete the assignment.

You can go down and hidden in the hay: Stack below to find another route, but there are plenty of people around, so make a clean escape prove to be quite difficult after the murder, making our way to the torch preferred for taking the objective, as always.

Contract 12 : Botched Escape
His next target is somewhat complicated. He is in a dispute with some guards, and when you see it, it starts working. Your best bet is to be in an advantageous position with a clear shot from the first moment you look at the target.

To do this, climb a nearby rooftop with scaffolding in the northeast of the goal. There will be a Scout at the top, so take him out first. Now go to the target and to keep his blowgun and darts Berserk ready.

Blasts the target with Berserk Dart begins to run as to terminate the contract without being detected and without persecution.


Contract 13 : The Pirate Captain
The most convenient and simple, free way to complete this murder without being noticed is through the trees.

To reach the point from where you can hire the target, track the cargo: running path through the trees that starts from the general store nearby.

Once you are in the tree from which you have a clear shot of the goal of patrolling, hit him with a Dart Berserk and return to the store through the trees to complete the assignment.

Contract 14 : The Outlaws
To save time and effort, make sure you have the point of view in the restricted area of this Agreement Assassin synchronized. If not sync it before you start the contract.

Once done, start the contract and quick trip to Mirador.

Thus, within the restricted area on arrival, so act quickly and put the guard on the roof behind sleep. Once you have dream: he threw, activate Eagle Vision and determine his fate.

If not in the range of Dart Berserk, move a bit towards him and land one on him. All that remains for you to do now is to escape from the restricted area without being detected. Do it and complete the assignment.

Should not synchronized and have started the contract yet, simply make your way up the building with point of view. You’ll have to be sneaky to avoid detection. Once you’ve climbed it, follow the instructions above and was made ​​with the murder at any time.


Contract 15 : Tomb Raiders
This goal can be found at Pine Isle. The contract is a little harder than the rest to complete without causing open conflict, as the restricted area is quite large, and infiltration opportunities are very few.

Synchronization with the local perspective, it is recommended, as Fast Travel can get you from a much better position. It also allows you to reset the entire set: piece for the contract if you make a mistake in the middle by simply using Fast trip on the Lookout again.

Upon arrival after Fast Travel, make a leap of faith. After landing then carried out murders of two guards corner one after the other. You’ll have to whistle both in.

Do not move away from your place until you have taken both of them out.

The objective of the mission is a captain, who only started mobilization after entering the ruins. As soon as you enter the ruins, run to the second door and prepare for another takedown corner.

The captain soon leave it. Killing him and complete the mission without being detected.

Contract 16 : A last drink for the road
This contract is a bit complicated. If you follow the waypoint Typically, you’ll end up with a battle on your hands, and you will not be able to complete the contract without being detected.

His goal is a captain who first kill someone and then run to his boat to escape.

As soon as you start the mission, sprint to the harbor master in a hurry. If you do not, or are not fast enough, you will miss the small window where you can kill the captain before you get to your ship.

Trace the fastest connection: Operation Course to reach the Harbor, from the starting point before undertaking the contract. Once you make it to the harbor master before your target escapes, open the eagle eye, identify it and hit it with a Dart Berserk to finish the contract.

New Bone

Contract 17 : Castaway
The objective of this contract is in Cayman Sound. The whole island is marked as a restricted area, so you will need an entry point near its objective of avoiding unnecessary complications.

Quick trip to the viewpoint, and your goal should be close. Alternate Eagle Vision to identify the captain, and then stealthily make their way toward him.

Pirates Avoid around. Nearly two areas captain of harassment. Hide in either and hit the target with a dart Berserk here to complete the assignment.


Contract 18 : The Unworthy Brother
To complete this contract, he should capture Fort Chinchorro. From Chinchorro is a strong 3/Hard level, you will not be able to conquer even the rook has improved substantially.

Once you have taken the fort, carrying out the contract and fast travel to it. Go to the top of the Fort commander’s office, which must be northern Restricted Zone. Silently take Gunner on top, and from there, hit your target with Dart Berserk after identifying with Eagle Vision.

Crooked Island

Contract 19 : The Poachers
This is one of the easiest to complete the contract, has always synchronized view of the island of Marijuana located within the restricted area.

When moving quickly to this point of view, you are in the perfect position to get a Berserk Dart captain is supposed to kill you. Do it and complete the mission in under a minute.

If you do not have synchronized Mirador, find a way to scale and are detected as described above to terminate the contract without cause open conflict.

Contract 20 : The Deserter
Your goal for this contract Assassin is in Salt Pond. He is alone, so it meets the optional objective not trigger open conflict is relatively easy.

There are several ways to do this, since a strong performance is not a problem. You can line up a headshot of a Zone lurking nearby, or just go up and kill him with your hidden blades.

Just make sure he does not see you coming, as it starts if it does, starting a chase unnecessary.

Grand Cayman

Contract 21 : The Twin dilemma
You’ll have to kill two goals this time, both of which are just a stone’s throw away from the starting point. Up on the roof behind the cooperative and continue east to the vicinity of the two objectives.

They are surrounded by a number of other guards, so it will be difficult to carry out without being noticed, unless, of course, using a torch. Hit both with Berserk Dart and out of the area to complete the contract Assassin.

Assassin 22 : The dreaded pirate
How to get to El Mirador in Mistiriosa and you’ll find a few too many feet above their goal faster. Identify the captain of this place with Eagle Vision.

As you begin to approach him, will change their patrol route, so quickly jumps down to the floor below the tower. From here, the target will be in the range of Dart Berserk.

The land one on him to complete the contract. In case you have not visited the gazebo before approaching the tower and climb from the west to avoid detection and follow directions above.

Ile a Vache

Contract 23 : The Expedition
For the purpose of this contract in Cumberland Bay. If you have visited the area before, probably would sync with the point of view of the region.

If not, then there is an alternative route for you to take to eliminate your target.

First, the quick method of trip: fast at Mirador, and once there, turn around and face the opposite direction. The objective should be right in front of you, so blow a Dart Berserk on him and perform an act of faith in the water below to escape.

Now the second method, for those who have not yet synchronized with Viewpoint: Move to your target from the beach to the west. Along the way, there is a lookout area.

Hide it and from there, hitting the target with a dart Berserk. Retrace your steps and exit the area through the same path you used to get to the lookout area.

Contract 24 : The Slave Master
Its goal for Assassin’s contract in a villa in Tortuga. Stick to the left of the road leading to the house. You’ll meet some patrols along the road, which can be easily avoided by hiding in the areas of stalking and hiding nearby.

Once you are in the front of the house, time to run and climb to the roof without being detected. Getting to your destination from the ceiling, and you will have a chance to remove an air assassination.

Berserk Darts are still an option, but this is one of the few opportunities you get for Contracts murderer to carry out an assassination air without compromising yourself.

Andreas Island

Contract 25 : A Slaver’s Business
This contract provides no additional reward for not trigger open conflict. This opens a lot of possibilities to complete, but if stealth is your thing, tell you a way to eliminate your target without being detected.

The first time you get to the restricted area, the goal will not be there. Instead there will be 5 guards standing on the dock. Reassure using sleep darts. After a short wait, the ship will sail and will aim on its cover.

Since you have taken the guards, you can move close enough to the ship for the purpose within the scope of the gun. Now aim accurately at the target’s head and kill it with his gun, while standing at a safe distance so that no one is alerted.

Once done, it slides off the ship and be able to complete the task. Another method is to use the Rook to sink the ship, killing the target in the process. It is much faster and much more convenient, and you do not really lose anything by doing so.

Contract 26 Murderer : The Informant
The Dry Tortugas naval strength must first be conquered before this contract can be completed Assassin. Start the task having captured the strong and fast travel to it.

Remove the browser on the top of the door with a sleep dart. Now go directly to the point where there are some boxes aligned to facilitate climbing.

From here, climb the wall and run straight until you reach another point on the top floor. Keep going and going straight until you are closer to your goal.

Identify what here with Eagle Vision, then shoot powder stocks at your side to complete the task.

Contract 27 : The Treasure Hunter
By this agreement, head to the island of Abaco to locate their target. Quick trip to the viewpoint near the designated restricted area and look south. You see your target enter a tent.

You will be able to see enough of the body of your goal of getting a shot Berserk, so do that. Perform a Leap of Faith into hiding below and wait for a clean escape.

When you get a chance, come out of hiding and leave the restricted area to complete the contract unnoticed.

Salt Key Bank

Contract 28 : Shady business
This contract requires the involvement Assassin in combat ship naval targets. To keep things short, make sure you have enough ammo and upgrade Advanced Mortar for the rook.

Board your boat after executing the contract and head to the marker. When in the area of search, use the telescope to identify target ship and begin the search.

Stay to the open waters, away from their goal : they’ll be sticking close to shore. Align the mortar once you have a clear view of the enemy and shoot a barrage of off the ship.

Once disabled, may rise or sink with some cannon shots. For a quick conclusion, just sink the ship before more enemy ships arrive, and you’ll be forced to fight them and if they show up.

Grand Cayman

Contract 29 : The Squat Smuggler
You’ll have to find your goal for this contract by navigating through the underwater labyrinth leading to Anotto Bay. Once you have reached Anotto Bay, wait for the patrol in the center to pass, then grab onto the ledge and wait for a guard to walk into position.

Remove it with a murder ledge and act quickly in the guard fence is beating a prisoner. Use the hidden blade for a stealth takedown.

Now look toward the center of the cave and you should be able to see the captain that you have come to remove.

Dart hitting him with a Berserk and dive into the water again. Hide beneath the road to avoid detection. The aim will die within a few seconds and you have completed another Assassin contract without open conflict.


Contract 30 : Outlaw Cave
The goal for the final Assassin contract in ancient ruins. At the point in which the goal is, is quite complicated, and requires you to find your way through an underwater labyrinth.

Once you have made ​​your way through the water, you will come to the foot of the ruins. Look up to the northwest and you’ll see a guard posted there. A pirate often patrol its side and then turn around and move in the opposite direction.

When he leaves, kill the guard with a ranged weapon, preferably a silent, like a dagger.

Now go up to the top and standing in the corner of the road that is patrolling the pirate. As soon as he is close enough, take him out with a murder corner.

Pick up a gun and go on. You will be able to see the main camera of this point, and your goal should be visible from this point. You can choose to shoot the musket from here and participate in open conflict after or choose to close the gap and eliminate it with discretion.

No matter which route you choose it will take roughly the same amount of time. Take any shape you prefer. Once the target is killed, and who has escaped from the area, the contract will end and so will the Assassin Contracts side missions.

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