The Army of Two The Devils Cartel takes you through the walkthrough of the Demo.

army of two

The Army of Two The Devils Cartel first mission takes place in Mexico, follow the walkthrough That Julian the developer of this co-op game that will help you get an idea what the game is about. The first mission you are taking on is to protect Mayor la puerta who is determine to take down the cartel in mexico. You go through an entire building where the cartel is and you will be playing as alpha and bravo as they take on the cartel.

Cover is great but it will get destroyed as it uses the same technology as Battlefield 3 where building are destructible. You will need to be smart about it, the great thing about is you get to have overkill, which is massive handgun power to take out the cartel all and for. The game takes place in Mexico inside buildings and out site where frostbite comes to life in Mexico.  The co-op game is truly great as you get to concentrate on what you are doing and let your AI partner do his with  a command.


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