In this guide will provide you with basic strategy guide on how to play Arms a Nintendo switch game and all the different tips that will be providing.

Essentially, ARMS is a boxing game to Nintendo; ie with jumps, power – ups, weapons … This title offers a variety of control configurations, as many as have Nintendo Switch, and under these lines you can see a gallery of the different options that you may know how to execute all movements regardless of how you play.

  • Hitting : We can stick to the right and left arm independently. Joy-Con inclining or moving the left stick, you can control the trajectory of the punch. A small tip for experts : with Joy-Con we can individually control the trajectory of each fist, left and right, while the traditional control stick directs both in the same direction. This can be key in the toughest battles.
  • Move : With the traditional command we move using the stick, while with the Joy-Con have to incline towards the direction in which we want to move.
  • Grabbing : Paste with both arms simultaneously to run a grip. Remember that the opponent can break your grip throwing a punch in your fists. Grabs will leave sold, so be very careful!
  • Protected : With the button or tilting the Joy-Cons inward (as if we were to make an X with them) we can protect. A shield will prevent most of the damage, but we will be fully sold to grips. The shield has a limit, and if we receive much damage will break.
  • Jump and dodge : Essential. Away from the path fists your opponent is basic, so try to jump, dodge and combine both actions everything you can until you are comfortable with them.
  • Load fists : Leaving pressed a button to protect, jump or dodge, or just doing it for a couple of seconds gesture to protect us , we will charge our fists. This will activate the element of each fist, a kind of additional skill that explained in the corresponding section.
  • Special Move : When the yellow triangle is filled by your health bar, press the corresponding button to make the special attack. Make sure your opponent can not protect themselves or avoid it when hauls, or idle away the attack.

One of the main elements that make the difference between success and defeat are fists. There is a lot of different grips to choose from , but before the match we should have selected three that can change between rounds of it.

The three types of elected cuffs can be assigned to either arm. We can bring the same in each arm or different in each arm. Cuffs have three main features: the type of attack, strength and an element that comes into play when loaded.

The type of attack defines the speed and style that we hit. There are gigantic fists are slow and have little ability to direct their path, but they do a lot of damage, and smaller cuffs move fast and can perform parables to avoid being blocked. There cuffs that allow launch projectiles, and others automatically move towards our rival. To see between these lines, there are many possibilities and is ideal experiment to see which best fits our style of play and, of course, the scene shifts.

The strength of each fist represents not only the damage it causes, but their options to lock and be locked. A stronger grip override a weaker one and pursue its path, while two fists of the same force cancel each other. A weaker is void if a stronger strikes, obviously. It is important to see what takes our opponents fist on each arm, and if we will use a stronger grip that you own, it is important to have it on the opposite arm to make it easier to block his punches with our fist.

The element allows us to do additional damage, electrocution, blinding, knock or throw the opponent into the air, for example . Again, we need to study what combination is best for us our style of play. Imagine, for example. We put in the right hand fist quick freezing, and the heavy one left that explodes, causing further damage. With the necessary skill, we can strike first with his right fist, freeze and slow opponent, and then hit the left, slower, to hit with a stronger also explodes after hitting doing even more damage.

  • Fire – Knocks your opponent down and engulfs them in flame.
  • Electric – Disables both your opponent’s arms for a short time.
  • Wind – Sends your opponents flying.
  • Ice – Freezes your opponent, making them move much more slowly.
  • Stun – Stuns your opponent.
  • Explosion – Sends your opponent flying back a short distance, does extra damage.
  • Blind – Obscures your opponent’s vision.
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