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Anarchy Reigns Review will provide you with an intense look at the game.

In all that absence of rule of law that governs the operating guidelines of any civilization is called anarchy. A vacuum of rules and laws that transforms society given the need to subsist on their own needs of self, and that may conflict with the interests of others. Because the state disappears and leaves to ensure the collective imagination, because the survival instinct emerges as the only guarantee of survival at the junction of interest without the control rule.

But surely not a strict definition which accurately reflects the example that concerns us right now. The repudiation by all accounts an established order instead, yeah. And is that Anarchy Reigns is presented to us as the most irreverent proposal channeled into a genre of action, but not for his concept, which as we will explain in the following lines of baby classic essence of this kind, but for its online approach that is fully exploit the features that reside there.

Anarchy Reigns Review

But posts to find some reference to the need to understand the principles that sit around the development of this title, nothing better than to look at the extensive curriculum that Platinum Games has expanded over the current generation. No doubt the thought that much of the aesthetics and concepts are extracted here are referenced in games like Vanquish or Bayonetta (each in a particular field), and especially MadWorld, whose protagonist also be part of one of the two perspectives that make up the campaign.

An impressive cover letter, no doubt, but it is not necessary for those who know the treatment afforded this Japanese study under the tutelage of SEGA care when each of the titles that are born into it. Our work was therefore to establish what valuation this time on how to proceed, then seeing if Anarchy Reigns keeps some relationship in terms of quality with all games that Platinum Games has been offering over this technological stage.

You can take a look at the walkthrough to help you get through the campaign.


Despite the focus highly enjoyed this title online, Platinum Games wanted to provide it with a context that gives meaning to the single-player campaign that offers between different options Anarchy Reigns. A sort of story elements that, despite not having a solidity that move the game to another dimension, it does make sense of aesthetics and character arising from each and every one of the characters that can be used in different ways who owns the title.

Thus, we find ourselves in the midst of a totally post-apocalyptic in which the bloody wars between major powers have swept across the planet, leaving behind a trail of woe about some people who drag the sequels that triggered the components toxic chemicals with which each side sought to kill their enemies.

This dirty way of trying to undermine the military and civilians making up each of the companies led to a set of weak creatures whose survival depended on the use of nanotechnology in your body, getting save all inherited genetic problems of the aftermath conflicts of those years has occurred.

In this context it is situated the story of Jack (the protagonist of the first game developed by Platinum Games, MadWorld) and Leo, two men who for different reasons and from different orders in Altambra seek to Maximillian, a former member of the Major Crimes Division Wandering aimlessly and totally gone, assuming a serious threat to all given its excellent equipment and accurate vastly contrasting skills during their years of service.

However, beyond this approach will not find in both perspectives (either the Jack or Leo) no plot element that challenges us and check us in no time. The story raised understands clearly just an excuse to deploy on it a campaign mode that serves broad introduction to the real target is the online aspect.

In the same line also assist a really poor narrative, with dialogue entirely bland and shallow chords to having that paragraph. It does not help to do a dub that brings a totally inane tone and emphasis, plus a little gesture that certainly did, however consistent with the aesthetics and character of mestizamente artificial beings that make our protagonists.

Amid these matters is where you have the option of choosing each of the two points of view through which the brief life story that takes about 3 hours for each character, enhancing the strong sense that we referred introductory before, and where premium without any doubt the rush towards each battle above anything else.

Accompany it to Jack or Leo in Senda Senda Black or white (respectively) for 4 phases to be developed in the open, giving leeway that can be matched with small collectibles as 5 safes for mapping, and with its opening to give additional content which we can access whenever we want in the main game often.

Meanwhile, in these scenarios will come to us huge hordes of enemies that know no end, and mainly serve to achieve the required score by which to unlock the different types of levels that exist in each of these locations. Thus, we will have 3 free and 3 other missions related to the story, following the trend in all scenarios in which we move.

An excuse-like repeat, that simply tries to contextualize the entire cast of elements of a single player mode that shows us what we can do under the control of these two players, but it is also necessary to explain in some way why the weapons possessed by the characters to fight on different game modes having Anarchy Reigns, and how to use them in competitive online multiplayer section.


Despite having all this display of learning resources that are needed to stand up to the enemies that we find on the net, the fact is that the depth of the battle system is the less scarce. We will not find in him the virtues by which highlighted other games Platinum Games, nor the originality and dynamism in the main strokes in their schemes could glimpse.

This happens for a simple reason, the obvious search by this developer a compendium of simple movements whose learning curve is affordable for every player who dares to cross the doors to online mode from the outset to have weapons enough to stand up to the most experienced players after hours and hours of improvement in their skills.

Thus, we find combinations of short-term shocks, and whose links conspicuous by their absence. We will not see long strings of bets beyond harassment not cease to rival unleashing powerful attacks while orders properly coordinate with the evasive actions of the opponent. These powerful offensive come from the hand of a loading bar that will fill Scrolling or hitting the opponent, and the use of which transforms the two existing types of stroke (normal with square, powerful with triangle) in hard real devastating attacks interception.

In this type of attack is however evident that has imperfections game camera, for each attack after be positioned in a somewhat inefficient to require the appropriate correction at all times, also having to employ an increased initial sensitivity to correct the extreme slowness default enjoying.

We also have a set of fairly standard defense and evasion again, without much fanfare or frills, limiting ourselves to a possible break defense and a leak rotating around the enemy that will be enabled to remain hedged position. Your application will not be imminently accessible when we need to, so again we return to the sluggish trend to which we referred, having to get ahead in anticipation of the beating rivals in order to respond in the right way.

In addition, we will have for our use up two slots to use different objects that we find across the stage or equip us in their respective sections. These objects pose from shields to reduce damage to electric traps that paralyze the opponent or firearms of various types at times bathe the title with an air of shooting game in the third person, telling even own levels whose role is absolute in some other free phase of the campaign mode.

These are basically the main weapons with which we will have in the game modes. The classic touch in its structure should not to overlook the shallowness of which boasts, and although this integration promotes appropriate for players of all levels of use, there is a risk that the short deployment of resources becomes routine over time, leading to automate actions for the simple reason of not having more repertoire.


It is certainly the shaft through which revolve all elements have hitherto been naming, the reason that each of them has the character we have described in the corresponding section. And although not all of this justifies the quality or benefits they have, if it is true that finds its meaning when one sets foot on the many options of games in this section we offer multiplayer.

Anarchy Reigns Walkthrough

If anything stands out from the start this section is a wide variety in its proposal. Platinum Games knew that I wanted to give focus to Anarchy Reigns should be accompanied by an attractive enough content so that the user could get hooked for hours and hours in functionality that requires interaction with other players, and it was essential to offer a whole range of game modes sufficiently different as to avoid falling into a rut.

This objective is achieved by halves, because although it is true that the supply is large, the concept which it is drawn is often common with each other, maybe changing the number of participants in each event or goal in it is the score instead of deaths executed. This mixture of feelings when meeting with other innovative proposals that are not so blurred finishing some multiplayer, but that’s not stripped of a fun and highly addictive once we get into it.

For example, in a pitched battle enjoy a game of individual cutting where they can participate up to 16 players, one who manages to win more points after finishing this fray. Battle for couples, pairs Deathmatch and Deathmatch drink from the same rules, albeit changing the grouping that on these occasions is the equipment, leaving aside the individualism of the first option mentioned, while maintaining the goal of achieving a high score.

Similarly we find team deathmatch or team battle. In the first, the winner is the team with the first reach the 20 deaths under his belt, while the second will lie in order to get 10 victims from among the leaders of rival squadron.

With these examples we see as more than half of the modes correspond to the same concept but has nuances between them as they obviously play when the differences are palpable division teams. However, the target, which is the execution of a certain number of enemies not vary, either amount, or quality points obtained during executions.

However, although the fun in these modes described is latent, we do find an increase of this in the most original, as the proposal in some of them is really interesting. Death is the case of ball, surely the greatest impact caused us during this facet deepening online. A kind of handball court is set to stage on which play a game of 4 on 4 in which the objective is to introduce the ball into the opponent’s goal, using launch functionality that we have in our battle.

We will work to protect the player to try to slip through the enemy defense, as well as conclusively tackle all enemy attacks on our soil. A bonus game that greatly teamwork, and whose variants are interesting if the members of the squad have high rapport with each other.

Other modalities that reward this effort are those for the always classic capture the flag, finding a variation on capture the flag (3 teams). Death concept similar to ball, though somewhat less surprising, as their use spreads in many games of various kinds. Again, it seems teamwork capital to claim victory, defending your flag and carrying our base that saved our rivals.

Finally, as we found one pearl cooperative survival gameplay up to 3 players who try to hold for 10 rounds the incessant harassment of enemies that come in wild hordes. The basic operation is new, but the fact that the sides are set between the game’s artificial intelligence and skills of fellow joint represents an alternation described above.

Furthermore, the canvas on which we will all these different objectives battles will have a variety of up to 8 maps drawn directly Altambra city, and therefore the campaign mode. Furthermore, the number of characters available will be expanded according desbloqueemos each in campaign mode and can then discern how depending on the type and size of each operation in battle changed in any substantial way.

In short, and so we have seen, Anarchy Reigns provides entertainment at the multiplayer, and although the room for improvement is large given the shortcomings of the battle system and some game modes that generally coalesce into three basic groups to have similar including more than reasonable, meets the sufficient conditions for anyone who trespasses to enjoy its functionality is satisfied with what Platinum Games proposed in this facet.

Graphics and Sound

Surely both concepts are those that receive less care of the entire game, even above the very poor campaign so that we have previously described. And, although the modeling of the characters usually has a fix quite acceptable, certain enemies controlled by artificial intelligence not so much, differentiating highly visible to the eye and just not be quite right.

Also, the textures of the stage are again too low in detail, with a lighting effect that just casts shadows between the moving parts moving through the mapping, giving a feeling of emptiness really relevant at all times and that in no way correspond to the level titles that look now at this point of generation, or even games within born under the Platinum Games.

Perhaps the visual effects that flow from every stroke used in battle or after the execution of an enemy are the most prominent, and a section artistic but wasted no details at close range, if it fulfills its function of placing universe in a state post-apocalyptic, futuristic constant.

In the sound section we found no quality elements thrown in their different functionalities. The music playing in each scenario is really monotonous after a while of listening, and the effects of each fight will not have the strength that certainly if transmitted image, blurring again a little overall finish.

Special mention Spanish dub, descompasado extremely bland and the gestures that the character wields on more than one occasion, becoming really shocking when the set is associated with lip sync that occurs in the dialogue without video sequence campaign. Details to after all that, although not belonging to the main strength of this game and can not appear that way to the public cared so little.


Anarchy Reigns Surely not the game that care received from Platinum Games in this generation, or even revolutionize by no means an action genre so excellently that have distinguished themselves in treatment in each of his works. Not looking for excellence in certain facets and it shows all lights when not being securely sealed all the proposals set out in this title.

However, it does manage to achieve the objective of meeting the player to fully trust in online functionality, as we have repeated throughout the analysis, stands as the cornerstone on which rests the whole title. An arrangement that has been designed for the enjoyment of all users and to start them a great number of hours devoted to trade blows in the middle of each of the stages of post-apocalyptic cut.

We must also bear in mind at all times that is extracted shallow battle system. The classic cut that looks the game within the genre that respect intrinsically possesses this characteristic, something that maybe not all players are attracted to, but that is consistent with the idiosyncrasies that the Japanese studio wanted to implement this title .

Finally, the graphics and sound quality are absent at all times, something that does not have much explanation though not intended to delve too much into a story and a campaign that simply are to give way to context and characterization.

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