During the month of June the 3DS was the best selling console in the USA.


It appears that the 3DS success streak continues. According to NPD, Nintendo sold during June, in the U.S., 225,000 units of its handheld console with three-dimensional effects, which places it as the market leader.

According to the same data, Microsoft sold 140,000 Xbox 360 units in the same month, while Sony has not revealed how many PlayStation 3 sold during the same period. Similarly, Nintendo has not released numbers for Wii U.

It seems that 3DS sales have increased 40% over that recorded last year during the same period. The biggest competitor in the market 3DS handheld console, the PS Vita has not had the same performance. More games have been made for the 3DS and a  lot of developers are making adjustments to move forward with their game to the 3DS.

For some reason that we can’t disclose the console has raised its sales but we should probably see a higher number in July. Let me know what you think about the 3DS.

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