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RUMOR: GTA V will be delayed for PS4 and Xbox One

According to an experienced franchise informant Grand Theft Auto , who has surnamed Halcyon Death Squad, Rockstar retarded version for new generation and PC GTA V . The person claims to have come to gamescom, where he chatted with spokesmen for distributors and people PR studio and theme of the course was recurrent delay,

Dragon Age Inquisition will have Co-Op Mode

As suspected for some time, BioWare confirmed on August 26, 2014 to Dragon: Age Inquisition follow the footsteps of Mass Effect 3 to give users a multiplayer, parallel to the long campaign RPG which constitutes the backbone of the experience . In Inquisition , 4 players will embark on a cooperative venture where the parcel will

Destiny video shows off exclusive PS4 and PS3 content

Destiny on PlayStation 3 and PS4 is going to have plenty of exclusive content. The new trailer shows just some of what PS4 players should expect. The Trailer is only 59 seconds long but with much Destiny content for Playstation players. For more details on what playstation players will get for Destiny check

Forza Horizon 2 will have a demo

The official news blog of Xbox revealed on August 27, 2014, that Horizon Forza 2 itself will have a demo, which will arrive on September 16, two weeks before the official launch. Currently, the content of the test is unknown; the site just said that it will include a large

ESCAPE Dead Island Release date is November 18

Deep Silver has announced that Dead Island ESCAPE , spin-off of the original series of zombies, will be released on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $40 USD. Book this game will give consumers an opportunity to participate in the Beta of Dead Island 2 , no additional details

inFAMOUS First Light Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

inFAMOUS First light Walkthrough will guide you through the stand alone game through all the different levels of the game. inFAMOUS First Light Walkthrough will guide you through the entire game as you play Abigail Walker a young conduit in the DUP custody. Abigail is told to tell the events that

Xbox One users can preload Destiny

Xbox One owners who acquire Destiny digital edition Guardian, will preload the game before its release on 9th of September, but of course, the title of that day dawn is unlocked; judging it-now listing on The record states: “It is expected that this game comes out on Xbox One

Pre-Order Advanced Warfare for Destiny Content

A recent GameStop newsletter gives details on an Activision pre-order bonus. Both Destiny and Advanced Warfare will be published by Activision, and there will be a bonus for pre-ordering Advanced Warfare. Along with all of the other bonuses GameStop is offering, gamers will recieve a LEGENDARY Level 20 Armor Shader in Destiny, which

Saints Row V Could be revealed this week

Saints Row V Could be revealed this week This Friday, August 29, 2014, the American study, Volition, held a panel format competition within the activities of PAX Prime. During the event, will make the announcement of his next project, which could well be of Saints Row V, as the company focuses on